About Event

For sake of Brahmins, with the help of well wishers, we have conducted three statewide Brahmins marriages for free on these dates, 16-05-2010, 09-01-2011 and 08-01-2012 at Shree Rama Bhakta Building near New Maruti Nagar, KothaPet, Hyderabad, through this social service, many numbers of Brahmins are being married. Heads of this association have again decided to conduct these marriages. Prospective Brahmins brides and bridegrooms are requested to furnish their bio-data to the nearest Vaishnavi caterers branches, Brahmin Societies and Brahmins marriage bureau between 1-9-2013 to 16-12-2014. People attending this event will be provided free breakfast and lunch.

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S No Name Phone Number
01 Sri Vadlamani Some Shekhar Sharma 9949214811
02 Sri N S Shastri 9491361150
03 Sri K Sri Surya 8008529555
04 Sri Cheruvu Veerabhadra Murthy 8332921338
05 Sri Karri Koteswara Rao 9491540562
06 Smt krovvidi Gayatri Devi 9866626200
07 Smt Y Bhavani 9346238640
08 Sri V S R Brahmananda Rao 9700321680
09 Smt V Rajya Lakshmi 9908715023
10 Smt M Swarna Gowri 9949129612